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If You are Following a link To PLANET of THE HUMANS

Scroll on Down... Michael has Finally Managed to Overcome the Censorship.

Broken News!!

An Open Letter From Michael Moore

To President-Elect Joe Biden


This Rolling Stone Interview Explains that Problem In Spades!

Your Choice... Sorry the link from Solar PV didn't Work...

I'm Working on it!... lol

Things have become very difficult For Michael as well as for the World in recent years… The Green Alternative or Environmental Movement has sold out to The Global Capitalists!!

This means that The Green Movement and all The Traditional Guardians of Our Environment can, Sadly, no longer be trusted!...

They have in fact become the Major Problem!...

They are creating Confusion amongst those that we all have traditionally trusted to Tell The Truth about what is going on!...

Sadly they are not only Not Telling The truth : They are Blatently Lying Through Their Teeth!

For Instance Al Gore has Joined with David Blood (Former CEO of Asset Management for Goldman Sachs.)

Blood wanted to raise 40 to 50 Trillion US Dollars of Capital to be Invested in Green Energy!

Who But Bill McKibben of 350.Org Fame; and a Leader in the Alternative Energy and Environmental Movement would Help him to Raise this 40-50 Trillion US Dollars...

To find out which Really Green Global Corporations were used to Raise the capital:

(See  The Movie Video - Start at 1:14:00  into the movie and watch to at least  1:32:00 )

'Planet of the Humans' is a powerful examination of how so-called “green capitalists” have “taken over our beloved environmental movement and are causing us to lose the battle to stop the meltdown of our earthly life support systems,” according to the film’s writer and director, Jeff Gibbs:

“Our movie has captured the attention of the nation and created desperately needed discussion.”

The Rest of His Commentry can be Read Here:

Please Follow that Link above and Read and Listen to The Podcast... Do it before you even watch the Movie: If that is still a Possibility...

The commentry on the page linked to above, goes on to reveal even more of The Very "REAL CONSPIRACY" that took place to "bring down The Movie!!

"In response to the shocking new revelations in an investigative news story by journalist Matt Orfalea, Oscar®-winner Michael Moore, the executive producer and distributor of Planet of the Humans (via his Rumble Media outfit) said:

“I was very sad to see so-called progressives attempting to stifle free expression and secretly emailing allies in the movement to have the film taken down. It is disgraceful, pathetic, enraging and cowardly. It is also contrary to the values of anyone that considers themself an artist, filmmaker or journalist.”

The piece by Orfalea revealed previously unreported emails from filmmaker Josh Fox leading the censorship campaign within hours of the film being released. According to the article:

"On April 22 at 12:41 am, Fox — now a show host at TYT, the largest online news network — told his colleagues, “It must come down off your pages immediately.” He repeated, “IMMEDIATELY.”

In a second email at 1:05 am, Fox urged another group full of public relations professionals and organizers to help suppress the film:

“A number of reputable websites are hosting this abomination and I need your support in getting them to take it down”.

At 1:49 pm 'Josh Fox' tweeted founder, Bill McKibben. “We are on it”.

The article also quotes Films For Action Director Tim Hjersted calling Fox’s public claims about the film “incredibly misleading,” after Fox falsely claimed that "Films For Action" was the “distributor” of the film and had taken the film down.

“This is our environmental movement, our future — and frankly the future of life on Earth that is at stake,” said Moore. “‘Environmentalists’ funded by wealthy foundations and billionaires, and that partner with 'for-profit capitalism', want you to believe it’s their environmental movement, but everyone needs to have a seat at the table and a voice in this great debate—while there is still time.”

Planet of the Humans suggests that the saving of planet earth cannot happen by colluding with wealthy interests who have a desire to make money off the “green energy” movement. “We are so far gone with our destruction of life as we know it, only a radical reversal that includes reducing consumption, growth, and greed, will give us a chance to turn things around,” said director Jeff Gibbs.

I agree with What Jeff Gibbs has to say!...


I tried an approach of a Similar Nature with; Firstly the Aquarius Festival in '73 at 'Nimbin', and later with Jim Cairns and Thousands of Others with The "Down to Earth" movement...

The Lords and Masters Pay no Heed, or Rather, will do anything and everything to Shut you Down...

Director Jeff Gibbs, producer Ozzie Zehner, and executive producer Michael Moore, all are aware of this!

However, things have looked jjust as Bleak, previously!

What can we do?

There are Three Main Responses:

Fight!... Flight! or Freeze!

I have tried fighting; I have tried fleeing;... Is Freezing Really an Option?

Whatever the Solution is, I do believe that "Negotiation" is required! In the first case, ammongst ourselves; those of us that are concerned in all or any way, with Climate Change, whether we be in a Denial, a Flight, a Fight or a Freeze Response!

We must first, I believe, recognize that we are "The Majority", and "We Have The Power"!

What can we do?

If we do nothing ... (FREEZE!)? ... Will that STOP the Extinction Process? ...

No!... The 'System' will still March us over The Cliff!

If we Openly Fight?... No!... We will lose all our Leaders!...

The 'System' will Still;' March us over The Cliff'!

If we "Co-Ordinate & Co-Operate ammongst Ourselves"?... Could we: At least TRY a Power Solution?... Using our Own Power; Our Own Money; Our Own Initiatives?


If WE control the Power of Our Own Co-Operative Actions: Then WE Will Decide The Outcome!... The Choice is OURS!

I Do Not Know:

1) The Outcome of Replacing "The Big COG" (Coal, Oil, Gas), with "The Thorium LFTR"... No-One Does!

2) Will the Smaller Environmental Footprint of the Mining and Processing of the 4 times more Abundant and more "Burn" Efficient Thorium Help?

3) Will 97% "Burn" of The Thorium Fuel and perhaps ONLY 1% Real Waste Prove to Be True?

4) Will The "Burn" utilization of WASTE from Old Style PWR's and "Plutonium from NUKES" Prove True?

5) Will the "Thermal Ineficiency" of The Thorium LFTR (No Worse Than Big COG) PLUS The Additional Production Thermal Costs for other 'Real Needs' be an Improvement over the existing Power Generation Process Thermal Costs?

6) What will be the Power Requirements for the De-Salination of Sea Water to Provide Pottable Water for Communities and the Agricultural and the Hydro Power use Replacement; of The Waters used From the Normal Environmental Flows; and what will be the Power Requirements For Removing XS CO2 and CH4 (Methane/LNG/LPG Releases from Fracking) back out from the Atmosphere!

Yes!... I do Not know the Answers to those Above Questions!


I Do Know:

I Can't do it on my own!!!

Some of Them can be Approximated Reasonably Accurately, using Teams of People working on Logistical Calculations... Others will only be determined by Trial!

Of course I also assume that WE THE PEOPLE will also be Co-Ordinating and Co-Operating with each other in The Transition To very much More of a "Sustainable" Economic and Socially Benign mix of created and existing Communities that work in Harmony with one Another, as we move forward into the Cosmos on our much more Appreciated "Spaceship Earth".

The above list is not Definitive, it is just some of my immediate thoughts on some of The Issues That Need to Be Discussed!

In The Meantime please Listen to The Podcast and Watch The "Planet of The Humans"

I Hope you are Wrong Jeff Gibbs, and that We Do Not Have to Have a Human Population "CRASH" in order to SAVE the Rest of Our Planets Species... I Hope that as a Species we CAN Use our Intelligence to use Thorium-LFTR Power as Needed for a "Sustainable Spaceship Earth", and can Reduce Power once We Have Resolved The IMMEDIATE requirements to Keep Below 2 degrees by 2050!!!!!!!!.... Pretty Much as we have Learned how to Drive a Car and Pilot Airplanes, and Walk and Run... Even The Lions know how to Use A road to get From A to B Faster than Ploughing Through The Jungle!!!.... lol

Jeff Gibbs Podcast - ep-1-planet-of-the-humans

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Jeff Gibbs Podcast - Ep. 2: The Shape of Things to Come


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