Greetings Fellow Passengers and Crew!

Our Spaceship's Universal Tour Continues

"With or Without Sustainable Life"

"The Choice is Ours"

(Or as Earlier Roman Slaves Might Have Said...)

Ad Introibimus ad Altare Deorum Universi!

Ad Deum, cuius terribilis creatura: laetifica omnibus diebus vitae nostrae.

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Sustainable Spaceship Earth

Evolving Revolving Planet

With a Flexible layout STRAINED by Burning Fossil Fuels


Sustainable Development of Human Activities
On Planet Earth

Evolving Revolving Planet


  • 1) The Earth as Our Temple and our Home

  • 2) Respect for all things Animate and Inanimate on our Planet

  • 3) Equality of all Human Beings of whatever Race, Colour, Gender or Belief.

  • 4) One Standard Currency as a Metric for Other National Currency Exchange Rates.

  • 5) Exchange Rates are Based on Parity of Wage Labor Rates to Eliminate Exchange-Rate Slavery.

  • 6) Wages are Based on Comparable Work Done, on a Basket of Internationally Agreed and Accepted Tasks & Goods.

  • 7) One International Standard for all Nations, Legislated for Health, Safety, and The Environment.

  • 8) Achievement of a more Equitable Distribution of Incomes and Inheritance Across the Globe.

  • 9) Eliminating the Gross Inequality, where 8.1% of the Global Population own 82.4% of Global Wealth.

  • 10) Equal Access to Hospital, Medical, and Dental Services for All People.

  • 11) Access to Clean Drinking Water for all Communities.

  • 12) Sustainable Drought Proof De-Salinated Water for Agriculture where Agriculture is currently marginal.

  • 13) Construction of De-Salination Sustainable infrastructure for Agricultural and Potable Water Supply.

  • 14) Globally Environmentally Long Term Sustainable Base Load Power Supply

    that enables Industrial Electric Power Supply over and above that which is available from Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal and Geothermal Power Supplies, without Polluting the Atmosphere with Particulates that cause Lung Disease and Cancer as well as causing Increases in Green House Gasses in Quantities that are Beyond the Ability of the Natural Ecosystems Capacity to Neutralize them.

  • 15) Tier One Global Regulation of the Global, National and Private Banking System; The First Principles of Global, National, Private and International Banking are:

    • A. It is a Sovereign Right and Duty of Each Nation to Fund its own Development.

    • B. National Debt is Defined as:
      "The Debt That a Nation Owes to Itself for Investing in its Own Future".

    • C. Each Nation has a Sovereign Right to Mint Its Own Currency in Quantities Sufficient to Fund Its On-Going National Debt.

    • D. It is a National RESPONSIBILITY to Recognise the Sovereign Rights of ALL Other Nations.

Further Principles of the Tier One Global Regulation of The Global Banking System will Follow as the result of Discussions between and with all Stakeholders: These will be based on the above Four Fundamental First Principles; in order to achieve the Smooth Transition from the Chaotic and Inequitable Currently Operating System to "The New Tier One Globally Self Regulating System" which operates in accordance with:



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