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Ing. Peter G Cullen M.I.E.Aust.

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About Us

This Project - "My Sustainable World" - is a Developmenr that Peter G Cullen & Associates have entered into, because of our long term concern about The Environment and Global Climate Change: The former since early childhood and the latter since the late 1960's from reading "Silent Spring by Rachel Carson" and "The Doomsday Book bt Gordon Ratray Taylor".
The Cap on those two books came whilst finalising my Study of Civil / Structural Engineering at Swinburne University, Melbourne; with the reading of "Limits To Growth" a report for the Club of Rome and all of The Computer Runs done in those early days without Desk Top Computers but using the Main Frame at MIT in The USA... That Reading was further enlightened by reading a Series of Articles Edited and Assembled by Editors " Johnson & Hardesty" ISBN 0 - 534 00103 - 3 Published in 1971 by "Wadsworth Publishing Company Inc. of Belmont, California" and printed as "Economic Growth Vs The Environment" which delved into what could become necessary changes to both the Economic and Social Structures of the "Global External Business Environment". I would still recommend it as a brilliant Primer for understanding Economic and Social Considerations that will assist in the Changes necessary for an easier transition to Global Power Requirements that need to be Seriously and Urgently addresses Immediately. There is absolutely No Sense in waiting to Deal with The Rapid Acceleration of Extreme Weather Events.